What's Behind the Sales Page about?

Michell -

Behind the Sales Page is all about writing effective sales pages. We’re actually doing something we’ve never done before, which is show you behind the scenes of how we (Ramit and our copywriting team at IWT / GrowthLab) craft an actual sales page from start to finish. You’ll get to watch us brainstorm, outline, draft, and edit the sales page so it builds a deep desire for the product we’re selling. We’ll also show you what we spend the most time on and where we don’t waste time so you can write your own sales pages more efficiently.

This is a 1-module online video course with 6 videos total. When you sign up, we’ll email you with access to all the lessons in our private IWT site that we created just for you. We also include supplementary materials such as exercises, real drafts of our sales page, and the actually materials we used to help us write it.

All lessons are taught in HD video, and include audio versions & PDF transcripts for your convenience. Each item can be downloaded to your computer, iPhone, etc. to be consumed at your own pace.

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