My card declines when I try to make a purchase - what do I do?

Michell -

This is actually quite common and can happen for a number of reasons.  It's possible that you could have pressed the submit button twice and the transaction was flagged for fraud prevention for one.  Another reason - a simple typo in your address information.  Our system is VERY picky - so, what we suggest is that you try your transaction again and then we'll go from there.  

Also, keep in mind that you might see a payment verification on your statement in pending status. Most banks will choose to verify funds during the purchase process, which puts a temporary hold on the payment amount that's set aside to make sure the payment doesn't settle.  Unfortunately, this process is out of our control, so you might want to go directly to your bank to verify their process and let them know your payment was declined or cancelled. Rest assured, the charge will fall off of your account within 1-3 days; however, once the system updates.

If you choose to attempt to process your payment for the course again, be certain you entered the information exactly as it appears on your statement, to make sure it goes through correctly.  If your card continues to decline and you'd like to purchase through another payment source, please contact us at and we'll be happy to help you. 

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