My credit card declined, but I was still charged.

Tracy -

When our customers place their orders, our payment processor tests not only the authenticity of the credit card but also verifies that the purchase amount is actually available in the account.  Funds verification is a standard practice for most any credit or debit card purchase.  Luckily the banks typically keep the funds for a very limited time- typically it's only  1-2 days.

This policy can't be changed and in situations like this its unfortunate.  That being said, keep in mind the length of time is also out of our control, it depends on the policy of your bank.  No charges will take place once and the funds will be released to your card.  

If the charge doesn't fall off your statement within a full 7 business days, Contact Us and we'll be happy to provide you with documentation you can take directly to your bank, 

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