What will I learn in Zero to Launch?

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In Zero to Launch, we'll show you the step-by-step formula that takes you from "no idea" to online profit. It's the only online business course proven over 10 years, in 50 industries, with 30,000+ paying customers.

Make money while you sleep, break the shackles of your 9-5 job, and do something you love -- find out how you can create a successful online business using Zero to Launch.

More specially, Zero to Launch is an 8-week course where we cover...

Module 1: Your Game Plan

  • The 3 most important things to keep in mind when you're getting started (hint: They change over time)
  • How to discover what you're actually good at — and more importantly, how to know which of those things people will actually pay you for! Testing BEFORE you spend thousands of dollars and months of work is one of IWT's “secret sauces”
  • The exact framework top performers use to virtually guarantee they'll be successful, before they ever worry about “what product should I build?”
  • A framework to quickly assess which of your ideas have the highest profit potential, and which ones to avoid
  • The #1 mistake people make that virtually guarantees they'll never make a dime online (and how to avoid it)
  • How to transform your high-level knowledge and research into an organized "Playbook" of concrete, actionable tools


Module 2: Your Audience

  • How to rapidly go from 0 to 1,000 subscribers and beyond, rapidly
  • The ONLY 3 things you need to remember in order to successfully grow your website traffic
  • The 5 critical elements of an effective website that turn “drive-by traffic” into qualified leads
  • 15 different ways to create remarkable content that gets people to love and subscribe to your website
  • Why you don't need a big list to be successful (and why many businesses that have big lists don't make big money)
  • Everything your first website needs — and more importantly, everything you have permission NOT to worry about


Module 3: Your Product

  • The psychology behind turning your product from "nice to have" to a solution your market has the "burning desire" to pay for
  • The Blue Sky Brainstorming technique I use every year to come up with new, profitable product ideas
  • My exact recommendations on how to price, package, & position your product, including the psychology of premium pricing (something that took me years to learn)
  • How to quickly build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) your readers will love. Plus, learn how one of my students created his first product — and got his first sale — in just a few days.


Module 4: Your Sales

  • The psychology of selling: How to stop being afraid and start selling with confidence
  • The 7 powerful psychological triggers that persuade people to buy
  • How to create a fully automated sales machine that works for you around the clock
  • Why you don't have to be an expert copywriter to write your own sales pages
  • A complete analysis of one of my product email sales funnels -- including how and why I structure them the way I do


Plus, you'll also get access to the Zero to Launch Vaults. 


  • What to do if you're not a “real expert,” and how to get over Imposter Syndrome
  • An “IWT Insider” video of our greatest product flops: A detailed analysis of why they failed so you can avoid my mistakes
  • My interview with a Zero to Launch beta student who received multiple job and consulting offers within weeks of getting started
  • A discussion with a dance instructor who nearly quadrupled her sales in 2 weeks by getting deep into her customers' heads
  • My teardown with a negotiation coach on how to immerse ourselves deep in the mind of a premium customer
  • The secret weapon that we use (and virtually everyone ignores) to position ourselves to earn millions
  • The 12-step Zero to Launch roadmap to launching your online business — a bird’s-eye view of the exact process I used to grow my business from 0 to 7 figures.
  • Deep Dive Case Study: Find out how a Zero to Launch international student and mother of 2 made her first $28,000 online while keeping her full time job (with specific tactics)
  • Deep Dive Case Study: Discover how a Zero to Launch student and physics tutor finally killed his inner "wantrepreneur" and landed his first 500 subscribers


  • The exact scripts you can use to promote yourself authentically, without being spammy, annoying, or desperate
  • 3 specific tactics that helped us quadruple our email list
  • How to overcome your fear of self-promotion
  • The Prism Strategy I use to create high-quality material fast
  • How to break through the noise and build an online presence — despite being in a crowded field
  • An IWT Insider video on exactly how big partnerships happen — including how I was able to get published on Lifehacker & The New York Times
  • The exact system I use at IWT to create high-quality content on time, every time
  • How a busy mother of two unlocked her market's deepest desires and gained 500+ subscribers within months
  • The publicity strategist who doubled her email list and earned $30k+ from just one guest post
  • The word-for-word guidance I gave a career blogger to discover his breakthrough positioning in a notoriously tough market
  • The Best of the Zero to Launch Community: My team has sorted through hundreds of posts and thousands of comments from students and myself to share the very best with you — learn from real solutions to real challenges in real businesses across dozens of industries
  • An IWT Insider checklist for creating powerful blog posts at each level of your business (including separate lists for both beginner and advanced students)
  • Deep Dive Case Study: Learn how a Zero to Launch student and health coach overcame his fear of self-promotion to grow from 46 to 1,000 subscribers in less than 6 months
  • Deep Dive Case Study: Watch me as I conduct a live teardown where I uncover a running coach’s target audience and provide tips on how to write specifically for your audience — no matter how unique they are


  • Special reports on how two coaches built their 6-figure coaching online businesses
  • The deep psychology behind pricing your product — and knowing when to double it
  • My 2-hour conversation on deep research and positioning with the IWT Product Developer responsible for creating over a dozen of my courses
  • The exact scripts you can use to validate a product idea, so you know it will be successful before you ever build anything
  • The “$8,000 Strategy” you can use to quickly monetize a tiny list — even if you don't have a product
  • 9 places where Zero to Launch students commonly get stuck, and the exact steps to get unstuck and launch your online business (including over 100 resources and my own recommendations)
  • Go behind-the-scenes as the IWT team creates a 7-figure flagship product and tour the actual positioning notes we used to build and sell that product 
  • Deep Dive Case Study: Discover how a Zero to Launch student and relationship coach earned $33,000 in 6 months in a highly competitive market


  • Sales page teardowns where I rewrite my students' copy on the spot
  • How I deal with crazies, haters, and freeloaders (including the actual emails I get — plus my responses)
  • 5 advanced sales tactics that increased our revenue by 251%
  • Watch me transform an online product's uninspiring messaging into irresistible, penetrating sales copy — on the spot
  • The email funnel that earned us nearly $500,000
  • What to do when nobody buys — plus how I turned a “failed” launch around and made it a multiple-6-figure success
  • Real examples of surveys you can use to collect feedback from buyers & non-buyers to improve your product and charge what you're worth.
  • Recommendations I gave an online wellness business to 5X revenue — without needing to build anything new
  • The notes from a 6-figure business owner after our 1-on-1 private strategy session — a meeting I would normally charge $25,000 for
  • An IWT Insider checklist for perfecting your email marketing (including separate lists for both beginner and advanced students)
  • An IWT Insider checklist for running flawless sales campaigns so you never need to worry about technical glitches or planning oversights — everything you need to launch your product is spelled out for you
  • Deep Dive Case Study: See how a Zero to Launch student turned her vague passions into TWO 5-figure online businesses


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