Can I have all the Find Your Dream Job Modules released all at once?

Michell -

This is actually quite common for so many students who are used to being over achievers, you’re geared up and ready to consume as much information as you can so you can reach your goal as quickly as possible. Unfortunately this course isn’t structured to serve the needs of “instant gratification” nor will we release any modules prior to their scheduled release date. Ramit built the Find Your Dream Job course so the materials help students reach long-term success. He tested the system, studied his students and measured the data.

Ultimately he found that too much information proved to be far too overwhelming for students and that created the need for a course structure that contains step-by-step instructions that take you through the entire process at just the right pace to be successful. With this philosophy, Ramit has helped thousands of students find careers they love to wake up in the morning for!

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