Which Level of Find Your Dream Job is right for me...Pro or Master?

Michell -

Pro level is more than enough for most students — it includes the entire course, access to the Extraordinary Dream Job vault (with word-for-word scripts, hours of bonus videos, and more). This level is the course foundation

The “Master” level is for people who want extra help. You’ll get 8 Weekly Accelerator Calls, where Ramit will answer your toughest questions — whether you need help writing a specific email, or aren’t sure how to answer a tough interview question. These calls will force you to stay on track and he will hold you accountable for making progress. You’ll also get an additional month of material via the Master Classes. These are specific hour-long classes from the experts Ramit calls when he has questions. They’ll cover focus, networking, interviewing, and uncertainty.

If you’re not sure which is right for you, start with the Pro level. You can upgrade at any time. Just email us and we’ll help you upgrade.

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