Should I join Teach Yourself Anything if I’m in Finisher’s Formula / Mental Mastery / Success Triggers?

Michell -

Here’s how to think about this decision:

Teach Yourself Anything is focused on the skill of rapid learning. Whether you want to pick up guitar, programming, Spanish, or defensive driving (or you just want to have more fun things to do on the weekends!), Teach Yourself Anything will give you the actionable system to explore and build any new skill into your everyday life — without adding commitments to your already busy life. If you want to be able to pick up any new skill rapidly, this is the course for you.

Mental Mastery is focused on the specific deep inner skills that give winners their edge -- confidence, motivation, focus, and optimism. If you struggle with mastering your inner psychology, this is the course for you.

Success Triggers is focused on going beyond your inner psychology and learning frameworks and principles of success that apply to things like your career and living a Rich Life. If you want to improve your success in all areas of life -- not just your psychology -- this is the course for you.

Finisher’s Formula is focused on how to follow through on anything. If you struggle to finish what you start and want to start achieving the goals you set, this is the course for you.

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