Should I join Endless Audience if I’m already enrolled in either ZTL or CTA?

Michell -

Here’s how to think about this decision:


Zero to Launch is our premium course for people who want to go from “no idea” to creating an online business that pays. If you don’t have a business idea (or too many ideas) and you’re starting from scratch, we recommend that join Zero to Launch instead.

Unlike ZTL, Endless Audience goes deeper into traffic, list-building, and attracting an audience of repeat buyers.

If you do have a business — even if you're just starting — and you want to bring more buyers through the door, Endless Audience can help. If you’ve wondered “what’s next?” after maxing out all your current ways to find traffic and subscribers, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for.


Endless Audience is a great complement to Call to Action. With Call to Action, you have everything you need to know about writing high-quality material that can connect with your readers. With Endless Audience, you’ll go deeper into how to drive more traffic to that material so that you can attract more high quality readers to your list and more customers to your products & services.

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