When can I expect to make money?

Michell -

Great question. I know that Zero to Launch is a significant investment, and I always encourage students to carefully consider whether or not they’re ready to commit to starting an online business.

The truth is, I can’t promise you specific results from your online business in a specific timeframe. Nobody can, and you shouldn’t trust anyone who does.

We all begin at different levels of sophistication, experience, and skill. We all have different markets. It wouldn’t make sense to promise “one size fits all” results just to get you to like me.

In fact, I’d rather be honest about the challenging nature of this material, which is why I added lifetime access and ongoing support to the course. If you’re deliberate, methodical, and follow the action steps, you will see results.

Zero to Launch is a proven system that has been tested with thousands of real students. You can see some of these students -- and read about their results -- on GrowthLab.com. That being said, it’s not a magic bullet, and your success will depend on how hard you’re willing to work.

Since this is a question we see often, I created a short video where I talk about how you can maximize your chances of success with Zero to Launch: Take a look here:



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